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Best seasonal teas for weight loss

Make your best teas for weight loss with natural herbal tea as a part of the seasonal brew. On a winter day, nothing is better than curling on your couch inside a blanket with a hot cup of tea. And if the tea is healthy and healing the entire experience becomes perfect. Make this winter more healthy and soothing by treating yourself with a hot cup of herbal tea. Some of the winter herbal teas are:

Ginger tea-The roots of ginger contain gingerol; it improves the blood circulation and reinforces the metabolic system. Gingerol helps to digest fatty and junk foods and remove toxins from the body.  Preparation of ginger tea is very simple can be made at home. In a cough and cold ginger tea gives an extreme relief.
Ginger tea ingredients:
•    Fresh ginger roots
•    3 cup boiled water
•    Honey

Peppermint tea- this tea is delicious and healthy at the same time. Peppermint tea is one of the best teas for weight loss. Due to its medicinal properties peppermint tea is preferred by health conscious people all over.

Peppermint tea ingredients:
•    ½ cup dry peppermint leaf
•    4 cups of hot water
•    2-3 tablespoon honey

Detox tea- winter season brings many challenges for our health. This tea makes our bone stronger and reduces the chances of diseases like cancer, diabetics, and heart attack. Making detox tea as a part of our daily routine in winter will benefit in keeping us healthy.

Detox tea ingredients:
•    Boiled water or organic green tea
•    Lemon juice
•    Ginger
•    ½ tablespoon honey

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