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Drink the best teas for weight loss

The best teas for weight loss -Things you should know

Health experts have proved scientifically that drinking tea can help in weight loss. Have you been struggling with the weight for some time? It may be time to have the cup of tea alongside your gym bag. Here is how to go about it.There are several types of teas in the market. However, the effectiveness of different tea differs. You may also like one type of tea and not the other. The most effective and best teas for weight loss is white, green or oolong tea.

best teas for weight loss

Black tea is moderately effective while decaf tea is less effective in weight management being less effective does not mean that it does not have other benefits. Diet tea and sweet should not be taken in large quantities, as it may turn harmful.

Make it a habit to take tea every single day. Take the kind of tea that you prefer so that you enjoy taking the tea. You can substitute one type of tea with another at different times of the day.

Do not add sugar to the tea whenever possible. You may use natural sweeteners such as honey. Moreover, avoid cream and cut back the intake of junk food. These will reverse any benefits that you make in weight management.

Tea can also help in fighting those unhealthy food cravings. Tea regulates your body metabolism making you feel full for longer. Take a cup of tea whenever you feel craving for some junk. The tea settles your stomach and helps you avoid taking the junk.

Tea as a detox 

The pretty toxins get into our bodies as we do our daily activities and make us feel cruddy. With time, the gunk builds up in our bodies making us fatigued, numb, and restless. Fortunately, tea can assist clean the body and help us improve our body performance.

Some types of tea such as the green tea have massive quantities of potent antioxidants called catechins that get rid of free radicals in the body. The tea also lowers the LDL cholesterol that is bad for the heart.

Tea also contains lots of L-theanine, an amino acid that helps in the improvement of the neurological activities, helps in focus and mental sharpness.

Detox your body in two ways: the morning to refresh the body systems and the evening to cleanse the colon. The refresh helps replace the lost vitamins while evening detox helps get rid of metals and gunk that has built up in the body all the daylong.

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