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Can you lose weight drinking green tea?

Green tea is undoubtedly the healthiest herbal tea to lose belly Fat. It contains antioxidants and other entities that burn fat very effectively. The green tea gets mix with the bloodstream and mobilizes the fat cell by increasing the amount of norepinephrine hormones.  A study on weight loss shows that, if we drink green tea during exercise we can burn 17% more fat than the usual. Although green tea mildly increases the metabolism, it has an overall effect on actual pounds lost.

You can easily prepare herbal tea at home. The best thing about herbal tea is you can drink throughout the year. Let’s see few herbal tea preparation methods for all seasons.

1 – Summer Herbal tea to lose belly fat:

Iced Lavender Green Tea

  1. Take a saucepan and heat half cup of water
  2. Remove the water from saucepan in a cup
  3. Add tea in the boiled water
  4. Add lavender to it
  5. Let it cool down
  6. Take a bowl of ice and add the cooled mixture

2 – Winter Herbal tea to lose belly fat:

Rose Petal Tea

  1. Peel an orange properly
  2. Let the rinds dry for a day or two
  3. Grind the rinds smoothly
  4. Take a cup and add the grinded rind, green tea leaves, and rose petals
  5. Pour boiled water in the cup

3 – Monsoon Herbal tea to lose belly fat:

Minty Green Tea

  1. Take a cup and add finely washed mints in it
  2. Pour boiled water in the cup and add tea bag
  3. Add honey from above for sweetening
  4. Stir the mixture well

Tea more skinny offers you herbal teas to lose belly fat for all seasons. You can make all those extra fat burns by taking the benefits of our 28-days Detox tea plan.

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