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At Tea More Skinny, we value customer satisfaction above anything else. We never take advantage of our business policies if our customers complain of dissatisfaction. Whenever a buyer buys our products, we accept that he/she has accepted the terms and condition that we specify for running our business. We also accept quite naturally that the buyer is making the selection in a healthy state of mind and without any external pressure of any kind. Keeping these things in mind, we accept that the client has gone through the policies thoroughly and understood and accepted them all.

We claim that we understand the needs of our customers well, and that is why have a feeling for their dissatisfaction of any kind if it is anything to do with the quality of our products. We accept cancellation and refund requests from our clients. Whenever our customers buy a product from our store, then their purchases are protected by a cancellation and refund policy.

Cancellation Policy:

  • We consider a cancellation request acceptable if the customers submit the request within 72 hours of placing the order. We will not accept the cancellation request if the order is processed.
  • Tea More Skinny will not accept the cancellation request if the same is submitted after the product is shipped to the buyers’ address.
  • We will not accept the cancellation request if they submit the request on the tentative date of delivery.
  • We will not accept the cancellation request if the order is placed during special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, etc. These deals are based on special offers specifically for those occasions.

Refund Policy:

Whenever you buy a product from us at http://teamoreskinny.com/, then the purchase is protected by a 60-days refund and Money-back guarantee. We may consider a refund only after analyzing and investigating the deal details. We do not expect dissatisfaction of any kind from our valued customers, still, we cooperate with them fully to make sure that their interests and benefits are taken care of properly.

If you are dissatisfied by any of our product, then you would need to intimate us accordingly within 60 days of purchasing the same. We would not accept any request for a refund after this period. While intimating us the refund request, you would need to send us the details of the purchase including the name of the product, invoice number, and other details that makes your purchase unique. We will intimate the refund process accordingly after receiving the refund request.