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How long will you take to deliver the shipment?
At Tea More Skinny, we believe in delivering fast. Therefore, we ship FAST, for we are aware of the fact that you are excited to get the first sip of the tea. Furthermore, we appreciate our clients and their initiatives to buy our products, so we offer FREE-OF COST shipping on all Domestic orders!

Usually, we need 2-4 business days to deliver our consignments to any location in the USA. However, the time increases to 7-10 business days while delivering our products to international destinations.

Is Tea More Skinny Safe?
Absolutely Yes! Our selected tea flavor is organic and all-natural. We obtain our tea leaves from the best tea plantations in the world. Our products are gluten-free! Nevertheless, if you have any health concerns, you should undeniably see your doctor and have a discussion before you use our products. We strictly discourage pregnant and breastfeeding women or to any user under the age of 12 years to use our products.

Why the tea is priced higher than any other grocery store
At Tea More Skinny, we deal only with the best quality of products, and that is why it is naturally more expensive than the normal brands available in the market at present. It has the best quality of tea leaves in it, and you may not find any fillers or second-rate leaves in it. We guarantee our product is to be the most effective. To make our claim even more trustworthy, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. You can refund the purchased product if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product from Tea More Skinny!

How much weight will I lose?
On an average, clients accept weight loss up to 15 pounds with the 28-day Detox and a little more than half that with the 14-day Detox.