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Top- Rated Completely Natural and Safe Detox Tea
This tea has transformed the lives of more than 10,000 Men and Women World-Wide…with LASTING results!

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More About Tea More Skinny

Tea More Skinny is the premier seller for natural weight loss detox tea most recommended by numerous U.S. physicians, including Doctor Oz. Our mission is to reverse the epidemic trend of overweight and obesity–one healthier, happier customer at a time. Our comprehensive approach addresses wellness, diet, fitness and mindset-related weight challenges. Tea More Skinny has successfully reversed such secondary conditions as Type II diabetes, infertility and heart disease among others–often reducing or eliminating dependence on related medications. By helping customers lose weight quickly in a healthy way, Tea More Skinny has transformed the lives of more than 10,000 men and women with fat, yet healthy weight loss… that lasts!

Many customers come to our website frustrated and defeated. They have tried countless programs, diet books and various other ways to lose weight. There are dozens of products out there promising to show you how to lose weight. Before coming to Tea More Skinny, many of our customers tried complicated, hard-to-stick-to diets and dangerous pills that promised “quick weight loss” only to end up disappointed. At Tea More Skinny, we don’t need to be every customer’s first weight loss product, but we’re confident that we will be the last one they’ll ever need. But we also believe it should be healthy and organic, with no crazy side effects. So Tea More Skinny customers learn how to lose weight, keep it off…minus all of the craziness.

Drink Tea. Lose Weight. Simple.